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: D wie Düsseldorf

:Dä Boom!
(Düsseldorf dialect for The Tree)

On June 9th, 2014 a storm named "Ela" swept through Düsseldorf and flattened around 300,000 trees in the municipal area along its path.
The trees within the Hofgarten were hit most severely: defining elements such as the Horse Riding Avenue, the Tilia Rondell and the Maximilian-Weyhe-Allee were destroyed. In total, a loss of 370 old trees was mourned.
In order to facilitate a fast reforestation, the City of Düsseldorf announced the project "A Tree for Düsseldorf". And since geocachers have a traditional affinity to trees what would be more obvious than supporting this actively?

Upon the occasion of the 5th Düsseldorf Flashmobs we have collected donations for a tree. In the end, we achieved the incredible amount of 2,000 € that we could hand over to Mayor Geisel at the occasion of yet another event "Ein Baum für :D".

In spring 2016 "our" tree was planted. Unfortunately, we could not be present since the company performing the plantings did not allow this for insurance reasons. It is a Catalpa (trumpet tree in German) that grows as a beautiful solitary tree on a meadow behind the Tilia Rondell. The header coordinates lead you to this exact spot.

unser Baum

The Düsseldorf geocachers were commemorated for their commitment to replanting the Hofgarten with their own plaque in the Donation Roundabout. This Roundabout is within a radius of 200 m starting from the tree.

In order to log this virtual,
please fulfill the following two assignments:

I. Please, take a picture of "our" tree at the header coordinates
and post this in your log.

This way, we will have a picture gallery showing the development of our tree
in the course of the seasons and in years to come.

II. Find the Donation Roundabout and take a picture of the Geocachers Plaque,
showing a part of your body.
Please post this picture in your log as well.

Please do not take pictures of your GPS
nor disclose the coordinates of the Roundabout / Plaque in any other way!



This is a Virtual Cache, i.e. there is no container and no logbook. In order to qualify for a Virtual, you have to fulfill assignments as described in the listing.

Virtual Reward - 2017/2018
This Virtual Cache is part of a limited release of Virtuals created between August 24, 2017 and August 24, 2018. Only 4,000 cache owners were given the opportunity to hide a Virtual Cache. Learn more about Virtual Rewards on the Geocaching Blog.

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