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: D wie Düsseldorf


In celebration of Düsseldorf's 725th anniversary, team Gerresheimer founded project :D. The project team - ampel, austriaka, DieOrange, duessel24, Gerresheimer, kashkash, Mr. Dickie, RaNa2009, and schlbsch - created a large :D in the geocaching map, composed of more than 25 mystery caches.


We would like to thank the city of Düsseldorf, in particular the bureau of the Lord Mayor (Oberbürgermeister), the department of traffic management, the urban green space planning office, the Düsseldorf Marketing und Tourismus GmbH, and the Flughafen Düsseldorf GmbH. Only the commitment of all these institutions has made this project possible. For obvious reasons it is not possible to mention all other businesses and institutions explicitly which allowed particular geocaches - you will know them when you are there.

Our special thanks go to the Geocachers who have moved or even archived their Caches just for this project as well as to those who moved their icons without questioning to make room for the :D icon on the map.

Last but not least we want to mention the team of translators: Female Schlbsch, Schaumstabilisator and Schatzsucherfamilie. Thank you all!

725 Jahre Düsseldorf

Alle :D Caches

GC Nummer Name
GC463V6 :D Sportstadt Düsseldorf
GC4AZQX :D Parkleitsysteme
GC4AZ9D :D Parkscheinautomaten
GC4CG35 :D Lichtsignalanlagen
GC4BY2F :D Aktion Rheinland
GC4G991 :D Düsseldorfer Künste
GC4E9WE :D Brauhaustour
GC3VHHN :D Düsseldorf von oben
GC4HCED :D Düsseldorfer "Pere Lachaise"
GC3RPWR :D Düsseldorfer Geometrie
GC48V6R :D Ein Düsseldorfer Jong
GC3NEEG :D Düsseldorf Extrem
GC4D71B :D Düssel-Impressionen
GC4H3P4 :D Düsseldorfs Radschläger
GC48QF3 :D Düsseldorfer Krimi
GC4A774 :D Gerresheim in Oberbilk
GC4A779 :D Schnabelewopski
GC3RHT1 :D Düsseldorfer Wildpark
GC3PXM0 :D Düsseldorfer Wald
GC4HCE1 :D Die fünfte Jahreszeit
GC4904B :D Rheinturm
GC4CRPD :D DUS International TB-Hotel
GC4GD2R :D 725-Jahre-Düsseldorf-Challenge
GC4HEKV :D Düsseldorf bei Nacht
GC482TD :D Düsseldorfer Brücken
GC3RER9 :D Im Herzen von Düsseldorf
GC4CXMX :D Rund um Düsseldorf
GC49RXJ :D För eene Penning (Bonus I)
GC44Q3J :D Der Schlüssel zur Stadt (Bonus II)
GC7B9BA :Dä Boom!


Every geocache of the :D series contains a bonus code. Please write it down, you will need it in order to log the two bonus caches GC49RXJ and GC44Q3J!

Additionally you can track every bonus code at