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: D wie Düsseldorf

:D "Père-Lachaise" in Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf is sometimes called "Little Paris on the River Rhine". This word goes back to Napoleon Bonaparte and he was not too wrong in saying so.

Düsseldorf is a city of fashion, the "Kö" is the Champs-Elysées of Düsseldorf, the castle of Benrath is almost as beautiful as Versailles, and there is also a College of Fine Arts.
Even the Nordfriedhof (North Cemetery) is built as a park, similar to Paris' famous Cimetière du Père-Lachaise. There is a nice garden scenery and lots of splendid tombs. Extraordinary graves of well-known and long forgotten persons are inviting you to a visit.

This cache is about the special prettiness of this cemetery. You need to find the 15 pictures below at the given coordinates and to match them with the letters (see list of waypoints). There's no defined order, so you can find your own way.

So find out which graveyard it is!
Tip: The highest elevation is called "million hill" due to the accumulation of architecturally complex tombs.

These pictures have been taken without a particular concept or a given order. 5 people walked independently across the cemetery and took pictures of remarkable places. As a result you can see that the cemetery theme has a very different and individual meaning for each of us. We have tried to highlight this with this cache.

Clicking the picture above will lead you to a gallery view of the particular photo.
Here you find all photos in a PDF document to print. (3.3 MB)

North: 1*A + 1*B + 1*C+ 2*E + 1*G + 1*I +1*J +1*M
East: 1*A+ 3*D + 1*F + 3*H + 3*K + 1*L + 3*N + 3*O

Please be considerate of this particular environment of the cemetery. Your way will lead you to the Jewish part of the cemetery. Even non-Jewish men should wear a head-gear there. We would love to see your own pictures in the log, taken during your own walk.
The final is not on the cemetery.


Every geocache of the :D series contains a bonus code. Please write it down, you will need it in order to log the two bonus caches GC49RXJ and GC44Q3J!

Additionally you can track every bonus code at


There is no geocache to find at the listed coordinates. No cache which is part of the :D series requires to trespass rail tracks or highways. Caches located on private property have been placed there with explicit permit of the owner. If a riddle requires visiting third party websites or downloading additional files, we guarantee that at the time of publish, they don't contain any virus or harmful software.

725 Jahre Düsseldorf

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