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: D wie Düsseldorf

:D Aktion Rheinland

This route, which runs from Düsseldorf’s city centre all the way to Mettmann, is dedicated by Northrhine-Westphalia’s capital to the memory of "Aktion Rheinland".

On 16 April 1945, a group of courageous Düsseldorf citizens held the Chief of Police SS Brigadier August Korreng prisoner in the Düsseldorf Police Headquarters. The Gauleiter (head of the Nazi district) Friedrich Karl Florian had ordered that the city – totally surrounded by the American troops – be defended with available means. Given the hopelessness of the situation, the group decided to act. Two of its members made their way to the American base in Mettmann to negotiate a non-violent surrender of Düsseldorf. Thus, a final air bombardment was avoided.

On 17 April the Americans occupied Düsseldorf and liberated the city from Nazism. However, on the previous evening, five members of the group, including Lt. Col. Franz Jürgens, Chief of the Uniformed Police, were betrayed and disarmed. After being sentenced to death by court martial on the ground of "treason in wartime" they were shot in the courtyard of the Färberstraße College.

It thanks only to the courage and determination of the members of the resistance group that Düsseldorf did not suffer total destruction at the end of the war.

Follow the footsteps of our two heroes as you retrace their way on the Road to Liberation, either virtually or on spot in Düsseldorf. Please refer to the given waypoints leading to stelae and fill in the blanks. This is the key to the next chapter.

It was in the Police Headquarters the Resistance group members met the Chief of Uniformed Police, Franz Jürgens. They agreed that Dr. August Wiedenhofen and Aloys ________ should make for the American army base. Franz Jürgens put a police car and a driver at their disposal and provided them with a written authority which would enable them to cross the German lines.

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