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:D Car-park routing systems

Car-park routing systems are more or less useful helpers for drivers which can help find a “suitable” parking place. Unfortunately drivers are frequently ignoring the advice and stop on the right lane on the road with hazard lights turned on...

In Düsseldorf, there are 3 car-park routing systems:

  • In the city there are currently 96 routing signs placed on 44 parking garages. Many signs are a little bit older and will be replaced soon. The car-park routing system is operating 24/7 and is considering the opening hours of the parking garages.
  • At the airport Düsseldorf International there 24 signs pointing to 18 parking garages, operating as well 24/7.
  • The ISS Dome in Rath, home ground of the formerly very successful ice hockey team DEG and location of many other events, has 7 signs for 3 parking places and one parking garage. This system is operating on demand only.

Here's the mystery for the start coordinates. I love these Google Earth placespotting games, so I have a simple task for you:

Find this place

If you encounter problems with finding this place, you can obtain a hint at the waypoint HELP, and hidden, the coordinates for ST1.

And now have fun with this Mini-Multi geocache....


Every geocache of the :D series contains a bonus code. Please write it down, you will need it in order to log the two bonus caches GC49RXJ and GC44Q3J!

Additionally you can track every bonus code at


There is no geocache to find at the listed coordinates. No cache which is part of the :D series requires to trespass rail tracks or highways. Caches located on private property have been placed there with explicit permit of the owner. If a riddle requires visiting third party websites or downloading additional files, we guarantee that at the time of publish, they don't contain any virus or harmful software.

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