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: D wie Düsseldorf

:D A crime story from Düsseldorf

The police in Düsseldorf is investigating a crime: The notorious racketeer Peter Kiel, a/k/a Kille-Pit, was witnessed while pulling a flat item out of a trash can. This appeared to be so suspicious for the witness, that he did not only take a picture, but also called the police.

Superintendent Jupp Jeschke is investigating. Starting at the scene of the crime, he is interviewing witnesses, and looking for tracks and hints.

But does he have even a chance? Probably you could help him to solve the riddle of the mysterious item?

Go to the exact place, where Kille-Pit is on the picture. Depending on the weather you can do that either virtually by using Google Street View and Google Search, or by going directly to the Altstadt of Düsseldorf.

If you are not able to find the place: Kille-Pits nickname is not arbitrary, but refers to a local drink – guess you know already which one?

Once you reached the place, as a precautionary action, you write down the number of the house as you can see on the wall (A).

The young folks waiting at the desk vis-à-vis for "dat leckere Dröppke" are telling you that the suspicious person went into North direction. You are following the hot trail and reach the center of Düsseldorf.

You are having a short break at the famous Jan-Wellem sculpture, and you ask yourself (as you did many times before) why the name of the elector is written in Latin. By the way, how many letters has his name on the plate? (B)

Arriving at the other side of the square you are short of breath. What a race! A lady with a mobile excitedly points down the street. North again!

A few footsteps later you are reaching a large square. You look at the dimly lit tables below the treetops and you are closely observing every single desk of this well-visited beer garden. But you don't find Kille-Pit. Now you can see a tower, and river Rhine is also nearby. Squinting your eyes you are looking above. The wind is blowing from West today, and the strange item on the pinnacle is pointing to East. But what is this item? A flag (C=1), an angel with trombone (C=2) or a dancing skeleton (C=3)?

You are following the fingerpost on the pinnacle, and are changing direction to East once you reached the advertizing column. The two "saints of the column" certainly have seen Kille-Pit!

One the next cross-way you are making a stop, looking around. Which way might Kille-Pit have taken? The pub which was located at the corner in the past had a funny name, but it sold Altbier and no vegetables. You are asking a lady with her dog, and she's advising you to the North.

Only a few more footsteps, and you are arriving at a listed building. It's Düsseldorf's oldest non-religious building. You can see the name on the frontside and you are counting the letters (D) before you are following the narrow street with the same name.

On the next cross-way, the innkeeper is having a break, and the street is making a curve. Of course that's the name of the inn! The innkeeper is telling you that a suspicious guy passed along the walls of the church to the East. Now you really have to hurry up, otherways he will slip away.

After a short way, a black van is blocking your path. Will you be late finally? No, this is only a beer delivery, and he has parked in the middle of the road. The pub he is delivering to is named after a bird – but in Düsseldorf's idiom. But what's his name in standard German? (E, a=1, b=2, etc.)

The pub across the road, Superintendent Jupp Jeschke has a very special relationship to. You are interviewing the guests and you are told that Kille-Pit went to South here. Well, at least he's running directly to the former judiciary! Fortunately the gate keeper has seen Kille-Pit went to the left at the next cross-way. Art of construction is getting a completely new meaning here!

At the right side of the street, you are seeing a "strange bird". You wonder how he is called and note down the number of letters of his name (F).

But where to go now? Many people are hurrying up the sidewalk, but it seems nobody has seen anything. While being afraid that the trail is getting lost here between all those people, you are accidentally staring at the green trash can. You can see a scrunched piece of paper. Curiously, you grab it out of the bin and flatten it. You can't believe it – is that really what it appears to be?


Every geocache of the :D series contains a bonus code. Please write it down, you will need it in order to log the two bonus caches GC49RXJ and GC44Q3J!

Additionally you can track every bonus code at


There is no geocache to find at the listed coordinates. No cache which is part of the :D series requires to trespass rail tracks or highways. Caches located on private property have been placed there with explicit permit of the owner. If a riddle requires visiting third party websites or downloading additional files, we guarantee that at the time of publish, they don't contain any virus or harmful software.

725 Jahre Düsseldorf

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