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: D wie Düsseldorf

:D Top view of Düsseldorf

Find the picture details on the satellite picture of Düsseldorf, and match these to the red and yellow stars.
For one star you will not find a picture detail – here the cache is hidden.

Add all numbers assigned to the yellow stars to the sum X.

North: X + 322
East: X - 426


Every geocache of the :D series contains a bonus code. Please write it down, you will need it in order to log the two bonus caches GC49RXJ and GC44Q3J!

Additionally you can track every bonus code at


There is no geocache to find at the listed coordinates. No cache which is part of the :D series requires to trespass rail tracks or highways. Caches located on private property have been placed there with explicit permit of the owner. If a riddle requires visiting third party websites or downloading additional files, we guarantee that at the time of publish, they don't contain any virus or harmful software.

725 Jahre Düsseldorf

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