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: D wie Düsseldorf

:D Wildlife park Düsseldorf

This geocache is showing you a child-friendly and stroller-accessible tour across the Wildlife park Düsseldorf. There is no entrance fee, but dogs are not allowed.

Opening hours:
Jan 15th to Feb 15th: 09:00-17:00 hrs
Feb 16th to Mar 31st: 09:00-18:00 hrs
Starting with daylight saving, not later than
Apr 1st to Sep 30th: 09:00-19:00 hrs
Oct 1st to Oct 31st: 09:00-18:00 hrs
End of daylight saving, not later than
Nov 1st to Dec 1st: 09:00-17:00 hrs
Dec 2nd to Jan 15th: 09:00-16:00 hrs

To calculate the start coordinate you need to answer the following question:
What's the name of the forest where the Wildlife park Düsseldorf is located in?
(Address, 2 words)
The character sum (A=1, B=2...) = Q 

N 51° 14.[5*Q + 30] E 006° 50.[3*Q + 52]

The Multi-Cache

Listing changed at 15.03.2022!

The orientation of the tour is counter-clockwise. At 2 places, you will have to calculate coordinates. In order to do that, you need to answer the questions first.
Additionally you need to values of W, X, Y, and Z, which you will meet during the tour.

Start at the coordinates above.
You could find some information about the Wildlife park, and also about the cache.
Find W and write down the number.
W = ? _____

How many steps are between main path and the red deer enclosure?
The sum of digits (iterative, one digit) is A.
A = ?

What's the maximum age of deers?
The sum of digits (iterative, one digit) of the years is B.
B = ?

From what month does the "freshman drawing" disappear?
C = ?

What is the maximum number of young boars in a litter?
D = ?

You can see a mythical creature here.
Get the sum of digits (iterative, one digit) of its german name!
E = ?

Find the number of the water spider in her air bubble.
F = ?

At the side of the path you will find a shelter and next to it a jumping pit. While the older ones can take their first break here, the younger ones can see how their jumping ability is doing.
If mouse = 1 and deer = 8, what number is the wild boar?
G = ?

At the hotel "Zur Wilden Biene" of how many holes the letter "O" consists of?
H = ?
Here you also have to look for the letter X and its value!
X = ? _____

Here you can find a seat and you can figure out the first coordinate.

N 51° 15.[F-G][C-A][D-F] E 006° 50.[F+E][H-B][D-C]

At the calculated coordinates look around carefully. Here you can find the letter Y and its number.
Y = ? _____

After how many years can the horns of the male mouflon be called "snails"?
Take the iterative sum of digits.
I = ?

What's the German name of "plectus auritus"?
Find the colour in the german name and calculate the sum of letters. The iterative sum of digits is J (A=1, B=2, C=3 ... Z=26).
J = ?

What's the German name of "glis glis", and what's the digit in his name?
K = ?

How many birds can you see on the information plate?
Die iterative sum of digits is L.
L = ?

Now you are looking for one of the new seats, and you can calculate coordinates again.

N 51° 15.[L-J-I][K-I][J-I] E 006° 50.[K-I][L-J[K-L-I]

At the calculated coordinates, find a hint for the final: the letter Z and the number.
Z = ? _____


Every geocache of the :D series contains a bonus code. Please write it down, you will need it in order to log the two bonus caches GC49RXJ and GC44Q3J!

Additionally you can track every bonus code at


There is no geocache to find at the listed coordinates. No cache which is part of the :D series requires to trespass rail tracks or highways. Caches located on private property have been placed there with explicit permit of the owner. If a riddle requires visiting third party websites or downloading additional files, we guarantee that at the time of publish, they don't contain any virus or harmful software.

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